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No Water, No Food!

David Baker, founder and Executive Director of the Watershed Association will join The Empowered Community this Friday morning May 19th from 7:30-9:00 am. We will discuss the ongoing drought in our local watershed, despite the recent rains. Founded in 1996, the Watershed Association has been working to protect water through land conservation and education across the Hill Country.

Joining us also will be Kathleen Mooney, owner of EIEIO Farms in Wimberley, who just lost her well. Kathleen is a well known local farmer who has been on our show previously, sharing gardening tips. She provides food and food products to many local restaurants, to individual clients, and at the various farmers markets.

We will also be discussing the “No Water, No Food” fundraiser on June 8th to benefit EIEIO Farms and help them develop their rainwater harvesting capacity and replace their well. Check out details of the musical acts, food and wine vendors, and ticket information here:

As always you can be a part of the Empowered Community every Friday on KWVH 94.3 FM or streaming at KWVH.Org

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